The AltraFlex Platform Advantage

AltraFlex is a powerful systems integration platform that brings the speed of AltraCores directly to bear on tough systems performance bottlenecks.

Semiconductor IP cores can provide tremendous acceleration for compute intensive applications. However, systems integrators have had difficulty using IP because it must be incorporated into an FPGA or ASIC before it can be put to use in a system. AltraFlex is a flexible hardware/software framework that simplifies and speeds the integration of IP into systems.

At the center of the AltraFlex framework are the AltraCores. AltraFlex allows the user to integrate multiple cores of different types onto a single platform. An optional DDR2 external memory is available for cores that require large amounts of fast storage.  The cores are then connected to the outer system with high performance, multi-channel DMA controllers and communications interfaces:  PCI-Express Gen 1 x 8, 1G Ethernet, HSMC and others are available.  AltraFlex provides an optimized command and status interface for each core that supports interrupt throttling and Scatter/Gather.


The hardware platform operates under the control of device drivers and enablement software so that systems integrators can plug the hardware into either Windows or Linux hosts, and operate it with a high level, easy to use API.  At the highest-level, AltraFlex supports Altior Integrated Systems Products such as the Volume Encryption System (VES), Compression and Decompression File System (CeDeFS), and the AES-XTS Volume Encryption Accelerator with Key Management.

The AltraFlex Benefits

  • Performance Improvement: Implementing the AltraFlex Platform allows higher throughput that delivers greater system performance to end-users.
  • CPU Utilization: Adding the AltraFlex Platform offloads computing-intensive protocols from the CPU, enabling more efficient CPU usage.
  • Field Upgradability: Allows field upgradability and patches as needed, saving valuable support time and money while delivering higher service levels.
  • Power Savings: Altior designs power efficient solutions to decrease power consumption and save money.




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