CebaTech Launches New CebaFlex FPGA-Based Board-Level Protocol Acceleration Subsystems

PCIe-Enabled CPU-Offload Solution Reduces Time to Market, Lowers Power Consumption, and Increases ROI through Fast and Easy In-System Upgrades

Eatontown, N.J. & San Jose, Calif. — April 26, 2010 — Embedded Systems Conference 2010 - CebaTech Inc., an innovative developer of advanced embedded system solutions, has announced the launch of its CebaFlex™ series of PCI Express®-enabled subsystem boards that boost protocol processing performance in data networking and enterprise storage systems by up to 10X. Executing critical application protocols in FPGA-based hardware with a streamlined path to very low cost implementation for high-volume applications, CebaFlex offloads the central processing unit (CPU), freeing up valuable CPU cycles, which can be used for higher value-add application processing. This offload significantly improves the system-level performance-to-cost ratio.

CebaFlex’s re-programmability enables OEM customers to rapidly deploy next-generation equipment, independent of the CPU technology lifecycle. Its in-system upgrade capability enables the after-market addition of new software functionality to the system, boosting performance, and enabling OEM customers to continuously address emerging market opportunities with speed and agility.

Enhancing Data Networking and Storage Application Performance

CebaFlex addresses the missing link in the hardware realization of storage and data networking protocol stacks. The transport and link-level framing protocols have already benefited greatly from their migration to hardware implementations. CebaFlex migrates the missing link – the data management layer - from slow and power-hungry CPU executed software, to FPGA-based hardware, achieving an order of magnitude improvement in performance at a fraction of the cost of developing a custom chip – and with the added advantage of being reprogrammable.

CebaFlex production-ready boards meet the tough reliability and environmental operating standards required by embedded systems equipment, and are used for both prototyping and product realization. The PCI Express interface enables plug ‘n’ play connection to standard network and storage chassis. The initial CebaFlex offering supports industry-standard data management functions such as GZIP compression, GUNZIP decompression and AES encryption algorithms, using the company’s CebaRIP rapidly tunable intellectual property (IP) core library. CebaTech also implements custom protocols in CebaFlex subsystems as a full turnkey solution.

Making Successful System-Level-Trade-Offs

CebaFlex leverages its ANSI C-to-hardware compiler technology to design and tune hardware implementations of both standard and custom protocols to meet the different performance, power and area trade-offs required by different applications. Using this technology, customers can have CebaTech compile and offload their ANSI C algorithms onto the hardware platform to produce a customized solution that meets their specific market needs.

The compiler technology’s high level of automation also enables the fast implementation of engineering change orders, even in the late stages of the design. OEMs can bring the right solution to market quickly, modify the trade-offs in response to changing end-customer requirements, and even cost-reduce it rapidly with a seamless ASIC-like conversion where product volumes and market timing make such a conversion viable.

“CebaFlex enables our customers to maximize their return on investment in three areas: designs-in-progress, deployed equipment, and next generation equipment. For designs-in-progress, customers can add CebaFlex to enhance performance without having to modify the existing design; for deployed equipment, they can upgrade performance in-system without

incurring the expense of a chassis replacement,” said Ramana Jampala, CEO of CebaTech. “Finally, they can deliver next generation equipment, independent of CPU roadmap constraints. Overall, customers can respond to changing market needs much more quickly.”

About CebaTech

CebaTech Inc, develops hardware acceleration solutions that boost protocol execution performance in embedded systems. The company’s offerings include its CebaFlex series of PCI Express®-enabled, FPGA-based subsystems f or plug ‘n’ play insertion into standard chassis; and its CebaRIP family of rapidly tunable silicon intellectual property (IP) cores that accelerate protocol execution in advanced SoC, ASIC and FPGA systems designed for network, storage, storage area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), and communication applications. CebaTech’s offerings are supported by turnkey board and IP development services, and leverage in-house high-level synthesis technology that speeds time to market and reduce development costs.

For further information, please contact CebaTech by email at mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone at 732-440-1280, ext. 200.

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